Build Django Required Login Apps with Custom Login-Logout Page

Adi Ramadhan
3 min readJul 23, 2020


Django web application, simple secure page with custom login and logout page. Using Bootstrap styles.

With unsecure page, secure page, custom login page and custom logout page

Step 1: Preparation, Create Django Project, Initial Migration
create virtualenv: virtualenv venv
start virtualenv: venv/Scripts/activate
install Django in virtualenv: pip install django==3.0
Create Django: django-admin startproject myproject
Go to myproject folder: cd myproject
Initial Migration: python migrate
Create superuser: python createsuperuser
then type username, email and password

Step 2: Create Django Apps
Create apps: python startapp myapp
Add myapp to INSTALLED_APPS in myproject/

INSTALLED_APPS in myproject/

Step 3: Set up Templates Folder
Create folder templates in myapp

Add template directory in TEMPLATES parameter in myproject/

os.path.join(BASE_DIR, 'myapp', 'templates')
TEMPLATES in myproject/

Step 5: Create HTML Files in myapp/templates Folder
Create bootstrap base, create myapp/templates/base.html CDN Bootstrap.


Create login.html, myapp/templates/login.html


Create logout.html, myapp/templates/logout.html


Create secure.html, myapp/templates/secure.html


Create unsecure.html, myapp/templates/unsecure.html


Step 6: Create Function Based View in myapp/
Update myapp/ Add Function Based View method.
For secure page, add login_required annotation.


Step 7: Setup URLs in myapp and myproject Folder
Create myapp/


Update myproject/


Step 8: Setup Login URL and Login Redirect Page
Add in myproject/

LOGIN_URL = '/login/'LOGIN_REDIRECT_URL = '/secure'

Step 9: Run Server and Testing
Run Server: python runserver

Click ‘Go To Secure Page’ or try access this page will redirect to login page.

after login with superuser in step 1 will redirect to secure.html page

secure page
logout page